The Secret Life of Bread by Rudolf Steiner House

By on March 1, 2019

In antiquity, there was a companionship between man and bread, between humanity and the soil.

In the last hundred years, the intuitive selection of individual ears of the grain by the farmer as seed for the next year’s crop, to provide wholesome bread for the mankind, has been replaced by the selection of seed grain based on its compatibility with the machines of the modern baking industry.

Thankfully there are pioneers seeking to remedy this situation. Hear the whole story and taste samples of heritage grains, strains of wheat from before the domination of agriculture by reductive science.

*Come and discover the secret life of bread!
*Taste heritage grains

Who is Jean-Marc Albisetti?
Jean-Marc grew up on a farm in the Southern French Alps, where at age 11 he started his experiments in biodynamics.

Later he met Andreas Astrié, the creator of the modern stone mill, and started to engage deeply with the complete process of bread-making from the field to plate. He lives with his family at Emerson College and bakes bread in a wood oven at the neighbouring biodynamic Tablehurst Farm.

The Secret Life of Bread by Rudolf Steiner House will be held on Thursday 7th March 2019.

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