The Power of Lighting: The Essentials of Lighting for Film and TV

By on March 15, 2019

Light is the most important tool available to you when enhancing the atmosphere and mystery of your story on camera.

On the shoot, the Director of Photography will spend the greater part of his or her time getting the film lighting set-up to best represent the scene’s aesthetic and emotional needs.

This basic film lighting class will give you the information you will need on your next shoot.

Using a digital camera and a simple film lighting kit, this evening film lighting class will introduce you to the basics of film lighting for moving pictures, with emphasis on working on the low-budget digital formats.

The course covers:

  • Working with available light
  • Using Tungsten lights and daylight together
  • Hard & soft lighting
  • 3 & 4 point lighting set-ups
  • Diffusion & flagging to control light
  • Creating a cinematic look
  • Q & A

Who should attend this film lighting class:
Any filmmaker – from writer, director, producer, camera, sound and actors will benefit from this basic introduction into the principals of screen lighting.

About the tutor:
Chris Thomas has been teaching and developing film directing courses for film directing with Raindance since 2000, with a strong emphasis on storytelling and communications skills.

Chris learnt his key skills from acting and directing in the theatre where the focus was always on using limited resources and engaging the audience’s imagination; it was a natural shift for him into filmmaking.

As a teacher, Chris prioritises the clear communication and encourages his students to harness their individual talents through the methods he demonstrates. He first and foremost believes learning is a two-way process, and as a filmmaker, it never ends.

Recently, Chris has shot the teaser trailer for the psychological thriller, Dead of Winter and also short film Emma’s Last Date. He is currently in development with his dark comedy feature script, The Devil You Don’t.

The course The Power of Lighting: The Essentials of Lighting for Film and TV will be held at Raindance Film Training Centre on Thursday 21st of March 2019.

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