The Monster Club “At the Electrowerkz”

By on February 23, 2019

After our first and enormous success of “The Monster Club” in Cardiff, we want invite you again in London to take part of this amazing experience for a bigger party with more and different acts! Come to enjoy us in one of amazing and most underground venue in the centre of London!

Punk Circus is an immersive free world, unique and exclusive where is a privilege be part of it! Punk Circus is an art collective that create always different events, mixing the best underground music of international artists with performances and live music acts.
– 8.30 pm – Open Doors –

– 9 pm – Dadi Etro – Tropical Dark Music Performance –
Dadi Etro, is their first time exhibit in London. Theater and music group formed in Milano, born of strange and bizarre insipirations. Two aliens belonging to some unknown place but surely far away try to communicate through music, using instruments such as Cavaquinho, Musical saw (Sonorous Blade) Synthesizer, Sampler.
The show was born as a real concert seasoned with theatrical sketches and performances of alien and nonsense gags. The musical genre passes from electronic beats, from dark / new wave to rhythmic trip-hop up to light sounds almost pop and sometimes tropical.

– 10 pm – Doghouse – Punk Clown Trash Music Performance –
Back in 2008, whilst singing for cult techno-punk band SICKNOTE, Doghouse packed in his day job and declared, ‘Death Before Employment’. This was to become his modus operandi; not some lazy, empty, slacker manifesto, but a truly dedicated, focused intention to never work for ‘The Man’ ever again. He decided it was time to stop pussyfooting around and became determined to survive off his wits, his skills and his creativity… and if this was to prove an ultimate impossiblity then he decided he might as well be dead. This may sound all very dramatic, but Doghouse couldn’t see himself not being an artist after successfully surfing the SICKNOTE tsunami for nine years and the idea of going backwards and being a part-time hobbyist was now inconceivable.

In 2013 things took an unexpected turn for the worst when the SICKNOTE wave smashed into the metaphorical dam that was the death of their dancer, the shamanic Dr. Conker. Band members fled, scared and confused in different directions and suddenly Doghouse was left alone, with no music to accompany his words. If he was to survive he would have to learn to produce music… and fast. Within two years he was back, gigging with a solo album, ‘Idiot Savant’, engineered and produced by himself. Completely self-taught; he then became his own booking agent and promoter, arranging gigs and producing promotional graphics for t-shirts, posters and CD covers. Three years later and we find Doghouse is still alive and well, he is periodically releasing new music ; working with new producers to develop the sounds and is now producing his own videos. He has performed at festivals and venues across the UK, and in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland and Holland. The future will see an all encompassing live show with video projections and theatrical asides; a mixture of tragedy, comedy and existential theatre.

Long live DOGHOUSE.!!!

– 11 pm – Killdren – Political Rave-Punk Band With Stage Show –
Killdren sit uneasily between straight-up nihilism and fresh-faced naivety, penning politically charged slapstick anthems. They form the ideal soundtrack to the worst generation in history.

During the short space of time since forming in 2017 Killdren have played gigs at venues, dingy free parties, festivals home and abroad and released a six-track EP Overkill is Underrated (alongside a remix collection from prominent underground electronic artists). In addition to this they also developed a visceral and lurid stage show and created music videos for special songs dedicated to the 2017 General Election and 2018’s Royal Wedding.

Their tongue-in-cheek politically charged mix of rave music and punk sensibilities is a nod to the existing back catalogue of the two primary band members Efa Supertramp and Nick Ronin. The former is a singer-songwriter who is part of the European DIY punk scene with her solo folk-punk act. The latter is a electronic music producer, live performer and free party veteran. Each brings their own energy and talents into the project and they choose to use their uniquely spiky and fun rave-punk fusion to project their political outlook and thirst for change.

– 00 am – Ed Cox – “Clowncore Live Performance”
(Life4land, Frogs Records, Kaotik Kartel)

Ed Cox is an accordion player/musician/producer based in Bristol, UK. His love of traditional music inspired him to use folky melodies when writing jungle and techno. The result was called CLOWNCORE. He is a founding member of the Life4Land Collective, known for their boundary pushing music, art and antics from within the european free party scene. He is usually most recognizable by his skills on the accordion, which he uses in his production, and also plays live.


– 01.30 am – Twisted Wise –
We are Twisted Wise, a brand-new techno and electro break-beat DJ collaborative project, comprising of members of well-known DJ collectives, sound systems and record labels who decided to join forces in order to bring to London clubs the experience of both classic and modern European rave parties.

Set times:

Billo Elektrorganizm (Twisted Wise / Elektrorganizm Orkestra)- TEKNO TRIBE DJ SET
Born in Osimo (Italy), class 1987, his passion for music first started in his childhood by listening to and collecting records by classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, often handed down by his parents.

Years later he started to follow Italian and American hip-hop crews and artists, such as Colle Der Fomento, Kaos One, Stokka & MadBuddy, Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan, Jurassik5, Dilated Peoples and many more.

At the age of 23, after attending to numerous DIY parties and festivals, the passion for mixing and DJing became an important and permanent part of his life. He then started to play electronic music and moved his first steps in the Italian underground scene, with which he immediately fell in love.

Hard Tekno, Tribe Tekno, Jungle/Drum&Bass, Break Beat, Electro House and Techno are the kinds of music which he plays and offers to his followers.
In 2016 he became a member of ELEKTRORGANIZM ORKESTRA, a sound system which organised/took part in parties, nights and festivals all around Italy and Europe (and more), reaching countries such as Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Cambodia.

To name a few:
-Freekuency Festival
-Boom Town Fair
-No Flags Party
-Winter Conspiracy
-Grow the Groove
He’s also a member e co-founder of the Twisted Wise crew in London, where he lives since 2015. His DJ sets are a fusion of Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, BreakBeat, Electro House, Fidget, Tribal.


– Simo -(Twisted Wise / Revolt99) – Techno Dj Set
Simo shaped his musical roots in his hometown, Turin (Italy), a city whose electronic music scene was heavily influenced by the French rave culture. It is here that, after attending to his first raves, he began to cultivate his passion for electronic music and bought his first pair of turntables.

It didn’t take long before he decided to team up with some friends to collectively buy a professional sound system and start organising their own raves under the name of REVOLT99. After moving to London in 2012, he started to get closer to the local club scene and follow artists like Blawan, Cleric and Setaoc Mass. He created his own club project in 2018, Twisted Wise.

His sound is constantly evolving and seeking new influences, getting closer to the Berlin and English club scene, while still maintaining the characteristics of a more underground sound.


PMS23 (Twisted Wise/ Tribal Pure Rec./Psychoquake rec.) Tribe Teknoo Live Set
Self-taught electronic music producer and sound designer, with knowledge of mixing and mastering. I use Ableton Live, Reason and Logic pro, focusing on Tribal music, funky, house, break beat, industrial, hip hop beat and abstract sound design for art performances and I also have experience in working as a sound technician. I have been performing gigs and organizing events around Europe and England since 2010 and running my own music label since 2016.


– Pole Dance Performers:

– Xenia Black 
Xenia Black is a Sicilian lady who spent time living in the hardcore city of Rome as well as the party city that refuses to grow up Berlin where she had the right inspiration to create her artistic path, focus on her photography and painting.She has a background that is overwhelmed by techno parties, crust, metal, where she has always been the witch of the dance floor , with her rebel spirit.Four years ago she discovered pole or some could say pole dancing discovered her. She became addicted, the world of pole dancing became much more serious for her when she placed at Pole Art Croatia 2017 and she performed at Pole Art Bordeaux. She currently lives in London where she has had many collaborations with the fetish scene, at Torture Garden and she has just started to teach pole dancing at FloatingFitness. With the passionate Xenia Black, it is hard to not feel the fire radiating off of her while she is creating magic on the pole.

– Little Sato

The Monster Club “At the Electrowerkz” will be held Friday 1st March 2019.

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