The history of the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich tour

By on January 14, 2019

Three hundred years ago an accident occurred that would change the history of Woolwich forever and set it on the path of being the biggest munitions manufacturer in the world.

This tour takes you through the reasons why the arsenal was built and the history of some of the original buildings. The tour will also touch on the two other organisations founded at the site, The Royal Regiment of Artillery and Dial Square F.C.

The tour will also highlight a few of the many notable buildings of the site from it’s 300 years, but it will in no way be comprehensive as for that a tour would take several days. If you are a resident or have a particular building you are interested in please mention this in the comments section of the booking or email so your guide can do some extra swatting up.

We will then jump forward in time to the death of the Royal Arsenal as a factory site and its re-birth as a new and vibrant community.

The history of the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich tour at The Taproom will be held Sunday 20th January 2019.

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