The Future is Now: Remote Work

By on June 11, 2019

We see the rise of remote work around the world and want to have a more in depth discussion around it from industry leaders. If you’re looking to create a remote work program within your company or you’re looking to start working remotely, this is the event for you.

Many companies are worried about falling behind the market, but don’t know how to successfully implement remote work and flexible work options.

*How big is this trend to work remotely really?
*Is it a passing phase or here to stay?
*What are the benefits for my company if I allow my workers to work away from the office?

Many employees want more flexible work/life balance, but don’t know where to look or how to succesfully land a remote job.

*What are employers looking for?
*Where is the best place to find what remote jobs are out there?
*What companies are leading the way in remote work and are good to work for?


*Nadia Harris-Kosior –
Expansion Business Partner at Talent Place – an international community of professional recruiters. She has an expertise in working with HR to hire successfully hire remote workers.

*Åsa Nyström –
VP of Customer Advocacy at Buffer – A company spearheading remote work for it’s team. They release a comprehensive yearly study on the State of Remote Work and are industry leaders in implementing systems and culture that enables successful remote work for their employees.

*Dominic Jackman –
Co-Founder at Escape The City – They help ambitious professionals do work that matters to them and the world. An element of this is the freedom that comes from working remotely and creating balance. They showcase opportunities at companies embracing this future of work, many of which are open to partial or fully remote work.

*Steve Munroe –
Co-Founder of Hubud Bali, a world famous coworking space for remote workers. Since the launch of Hubud in 2013, Steve has shaped the remote work ecosystem and seen first hand how the future of work is changing rapidly.

Brittnee Bond, Founder of Remote Collective, a video series showcasing the remote work ecosystem.

The event The Future is Now: Remote Work will be held at Campfire Shoreditch on Monday 17th June 2019.

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