The Dylema Collective, Alxndr London, Boadi, and Lex Amor

By on May 29, 2019
The Dylema Collective, Alxndr London, Boadi, and Lex Amor perform at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden.

Woodburner is proud to present the launch of our weekly festival, every Tuesday at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden. Our launch event is curated by queen of love-jazz Dylema Amadi, who brings her ensemble The Dylema Collective alongside electronic RnB from Alexndr London, irresistible soul vocals of Boadi and the blissed-out hip hop from Lex Amor.

Since our first season in 2013, our event at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden has always inspired audiences in a unique and thrilling way. This season of events captures the essence of a weekend rural festival in the centre of Dalston on a Tuesday evening.

The phenomenal surrounds of the garden combine with delicious pizzas from David Latto, and a supreme and ever-evolving roster of acts, to create a magical atmosphere which brings people together in a friendly and welcoming space.

It’s a community of music-lovers joined to celebrate the warm months in a carefree and supportive atmosphere, with a compelling live.

The Dylema Collective, Alxndr London, Boadi, and Lex Amor will perform at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden on Tuesday 4th June 2019.

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The Dylema Collective
The Dylema Collective is a poetry-music project with sounds combining Neo-Soul, Contemporary Jazz and floaty R&B carefully blended with a cross-over of Funk, Latin and poly-rhythmic grooves and spoken-word poetry. Thematically, their feminist poetry addresses head on matters of race, gender and individuality, values reiterated by the hidden message within their lead vocalist’s name’s acronym: “Do You. Let Every Man Adapt”. In short, they love sharing music and poetry that shakes the mind, soul and body.

Official Video | What If A Black Girl Knew? // DYLEMA // Spoken Word Poetry

Alexndr London
The enigmatic and intriguing artist Alxndr London returns with new EP 2023. Effortlessly blending soul, r&b and electronic music whilst subverting it into something completely his own. This marks his debut on Gaika’s new imprint The Spectacular Empire.

‘2023’ is inspired by the sounds of UK Funky, London’s Garage sound, Yoruba Spirituals and Electronic Soul; an experimental project rooted in a genre-less space that balances spiritual conflict and Afrocentric themes, with unconstrained fantasy and spectacular science-fiction.

‘Silver Universe’ starts proceedings with endearing vocals and gentle staccato that builds then breaks into a funk groove that’s undeniable and will have you nodding along. Then all of a sudden, the rug is pulled from beneath you, it cuts to black and in the distance a tannoy transmits “welcomes you to 2023”. Everything becomes slightly darker and a more electronic sound ensues with a pounding four to the floor kick drum and melodic arpeggiators.

‘Jury, Judge, Executioner’ demonstrates Alxndr London’s expert falsetto and breath control as his voice takes centre stage in this sultry, hypnotic track with off-kilter synths and percussions painting a vivid picture all around him with just enough space to captivate your

Music Video | Alxndr London – April | A COLORS SHOW

Boadi is a 23-year old soul/R&B singer-songwriter originating from South London. Growing up his musical influences were legendary artists such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Marvin Gaye. Coming from a family of instrumentalists and singers, Boadi was instantly surrounded by music, he then developed his musical talents further when attending church, perhaps this is where his heavy use of gospel inspired backing vocals and harmonies stemmed from.
Heritage and identity seems to have great importance to Boadi and has played a part in the path his music has taken. His mother migrated from Ghana and he spent a year living there when he was a child, he tells Lex Amor on Mellowdic radio that when he was younger, he listened to a lot of traditional Ghanaian music which taught him about different rhythms and harmonies.
Boadi’s first official release was his Bwerdee EP released in September 2016. The EP introduces his jazz-influenced sound which is combined with a dash of hip-hop for authenticity. Since Bwerdee, there has been no significantly drastic change in Boadi’s musical style, however you could argue that his earlier music had a slightly more electronic and edited character for example the manipulated vocal sample in “X4” and the electronic drum pad lines in “Save My Soul”.
Boadi plays guitar, keys and bass and recorded several of the instrument parts for the first EP, yet following its release, he’s found his current band members who now record their own parts. He told Mellowdic radio that they create together successfully as a team because they vibe collectively and click as people.

Music Video | Boadi – AwoMaa | A COLORS SHOW

Lex Amor
Host of Reprezent Radio’s addictive Mellowdic Show, London-based lyricist, Lex Amor’s monthly dip into musical spices champions vibes upon vibes from artists near and far. Consistently a treat for the soul and the same can be said for Lex’s own musical output.
Most find it challenge enough to express oneself in everyday life, and the case possibly the same for Amor; yet in music it seems she has found a medium in which she would struggle to hide her true self. Such is the ease and natural cadence of Amor’s delivery, you find yourself hanging off her every word. Lex has the effortless ability to translate her full self in her music, with beats and rhymes you won’t be able to keep off repeat.

Music Video | LEX AMOR – Pink

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