That’s What She Said LDN – feat. Bella Cox at The Book Club

By on February 21, 2019
Bella Cox is an international poet, writer, vocalist, workshop facilitator and event host now based in London, having grown up in Kenya.

“The biggest spoken word night in London for women” (Evening Standard) that was called “feminism at its ruthless best” by Blouinart returns to The Book Club in Shoreditch.

Shortlisted for Best Spoken Word Night in the UK (Saboteur Awards), That’s What She Said showcases the best new writing and performance by women and non-binary writers, featuring iconic and emerging authors with a mix of performance, poetry, storytelling, slam and more.

Line-Up for Wednesday 27th February 2019

Bella Cox
Bella Cox (@BellaCox19) is an international poet, writer, vocalist, workshop facilitator and event host now based in London, having grown up in Kenya. Her work often touches on topics such as the notion of belonging, gender and sexual identity, and what it means to be a young adult and artist in an increasingly globalised world. She is a Barbican Young Poet and a Roundhouse Poetry Collective Alumni. While living in South Africa attending University, her work was published in the South African Sol Plaatjie European Union Anthology 2016, and she has gone on to be published in Time Out London, 2018, and on various websites and international radio shows including,, Indie Army Podcast, USA and SAFM. Festivals include Brainchild, Neverworld and Camp Wildfire. Commissions include the Barbican Centre, Non-Zero-One, Time Out Magazine and The Roundhouse. In 2016, she became the 2016/17 Word n Sound S.A. Slam Champion and went on to give
her first TEDx talk and performance on the necessity of self-reflection through poetry, before moving to London in early 2017 where she now hosts and helps to produce two monthly open mic nights; Speak= and Pen-Ting. She also competes in various slams including Hammer & Tongue’s National Slam at The Royal Albert Hall in January 2018 where she was a quarter-finalist, and she can be found performing as a featured artist or giving workshops across the country.

EMY.P (@emypmate) is a spoken word artist, poetry slam champion and Musician born and raised in Essex. On a personal mission to raise awareness and de stigmatize the negative viewpoints surrounding mental health, EMY’s honest writing approach and dark humour delves into the minds of everyday people as well as her own wired brain. Emy is currently in the final stages of completing her first official release – “Ain’t broke, don’t fix me” a concept E.P of Spoken Word and Music combined, focussing on Mental Health and Addiction. Describing herself as “Passionate, Chaotic and Scruffy” EMY’s relatable stories and electric performance are proving to be very popular on the UK Spoken word scene.

Lizzie Merrill (@lizziemerrillart) is an emerging artist whose work explores absence and the materiality of relationships. As the sole organiser and host of the monthly performance event You’re Hysterical, Lizzie has been performing poetry and performance art across the UK for the last 2 years, one notable venue being Camden Arts Centre. Her photography and writing has been featured in magazines and recently published in the anthology Love Like Salt.

Billie Partridge-Naudeer (@billieloo) loves showing off and talking about her emotions – so performance poetry seemed like a natural next step. This is her first time, so be nice! Her collection of poetry ‘Micro Poems For Neurotic Babes’ has yet to be completed, but when it is, she assures the world it will be a huge success. Like everything she writes, she asks you take this bio with a pinch of salt.

Jenny Foulds (@jennywithwords) is a Scottish lady human who writes silly observational rhymes about love and life and friendship and other such things. She likes colour yellow and is a purveyor of ridiculous nonsense. She has handwriting like an 8 year old boy and has an unhealthy obsession with the song Love Cats by the Cure.

Latifah Usman (@driftersldn) is a 28 year old creative. Designing and writing poetry from a young age. Her poetry always coming from a place of emotion she hopes is able to touch someone in some way.

What They Say…
Not only is That’s What She Said a great place to see talented literary performers, for everyone and not just women, but it provides a space for women to shout and scream their anger, their frustrations, their desires; a space without censorship, without objectification and without the dreaded “it must be her time of the month” quip. I think For Books’ Sake is doing some really important work.” (Thanks SexyVeg for this recent review of one of our London shows!

That’s What She Said LDN – feat. Bella Cox at The Book Club will be held Wednesday 27th February 2019.

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