Thanks For That Binero

By on June 15, 2019

Finally we are back again, after Bineros (our web host) giant mistake during the last three to four days.

It is unforgivable to promise that you are best at service and not having any down time at all.

This is what they say at their site:

“Stable web hosting – Reliability beyond the ordinary

Hardware can break down and servers can be overloaded, so it is not right for you as a customer to have to suffer. We have therefore set up our customers’ websites and e-mails on a number of stable servers, which means that even if a server gets problems, this is not noticed for you as a customer or your visitors. The technology is called load balancing and you will not find it at our competitors to any great extent.”

To be honest, this is a bullshit. We will now change web host where hopefully there will be no down times, at least not three to four days on the rake, it is completely unforgivable.

Anyway, we are up and running, here is no time to cry, just look ahead and do better.

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