Tactile Clay Meditation with Anke Buchmann

By on June 11, 2019

Experience yourself in the here and now with clay! Anke invites you to connect with yourself, uniting your body and mind through the organic material clay.

During this experiential evening you will get the chance to experience yourself in the present moment by synchronising breath and gestures. Anke will guide you through mindful activities which inspire a slowing down of movements and letting go of distractions. Any pressure, expectations or distractions are dropped and one’s breath and body sensations become your focus. Following your breath, instinct and the clay you will find presence and arrive in the here and now.

This workshop has derived from body-clay experiments that the artist has developed to investigate the materiality of clay and how it can help us to be present in our body. It’s an invitation to create presence in the body through the synchronisation of breath and gestures, through a focused mental state.

Note: No skills required.

Anke Buchmann is an emerging artist based in London and Berlin. Her mission is to give our bodies a voice and celebrate the tactile. Anke’s work bridges between performance, ceramic objects and embodied experiences through clay.

With her work she wants to create moments of mindfulness, presence and humanness, allowing people to re-connect with themselves and their bodies. Anke is interested in increasing our awareness for ourselves in the present moment using the organic material clay. In contrast to the hectic and distracted every day, dominated by technology, digitalisation and mind-driven activities her work is an invitation to slow down and take a moment for oneself with clay. She believes, only if we manage to create moments of full presence and feel our bodies and emotions we can stay human and fight cruelty and insanity.

Anke Buchmann has exhibited in Berlin, London and France and participated in group shows such as the British Ceramic Biennial, Pangolin London, Art Bermondsey Project Space and The Hub at Wellcome Collection London. She has been nominated twice as one of the best emerging creatives from the University of the Arts, London.

Tactile Clay Meditation with Anke Buchmann at House of Togetherness will be held on Monday 17th June 2019.

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