Sisters Breathwork Circle by The Psychedelic Society

By on February 20, 2019

This Sisters Breathwork Circle warmly invites us to breathe fully into our beings in celebration of our womanhood, welcoming one another just as we are.

Together we will co-create a sacred space to safely nurture all that wants to be seen, felt and heard. Through the ages, sisters have sat in circle sharing their feminine wisdom, whilst finding sanctuary and support in sisterhood.

Conscious Breathwork is an opportunity to connect with those parts of ourselves that we may not see clearly or give attention to. In this time of re-connection, we are guided by our innate wisdom to further explore who we really are. The practice is impactful and immediate, one Breathwork experience can shift perspective, reveal clarity, boost creativity, transform self-limiting beliefs, restore inner connection and reduce levels of anxiety and stress-related symptoms.
We use the power of the breath, movement, ceremony, song, clearing rituals and sharing to deepen the work, intrinsically tied with elements of fun and humour as we breathe into being together.

Each workshop asks us to connect with loving ourselves without condition, finding strength in our vulnerability and stepping into our truth while being held to fully express it.
The breath is our medicine, join us in connecting to our hearts and supporting each other as we step towards living in our truest potential!

Breathwork can be a powerful way of helping to integrate psychedelic experiences, supporting continued awareness and insight. It is effective in helping move emotional and energetic blockages that may need attention and can support deeper self-exploration and inner healing.

Sisters Breathwork Circle by The Psychedelic Society Tuesday 26th February 2019.

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