Setting Up A Not-For-Profit Organisation

By on February 19, 2019

Are you trying to set up a not for profit organisation to serve the local community?

James Watkins will advise you on how to set up the legal structures. In a social enterprise you don’t just have to worry about keeping the customer satisfied. You have to satisfy your social ambitions too – whether that means serving a community, protecting the environment or solving a social problem – so getting the structure of your organisation right is key to achieving your social goals.

It’s possible to start a social enterprise with nothing in the bank, but most will benefit from an injection of cash – no matter how small. Finding the right cash for your social enterprise is where the trick lies, and that means finding the investors with whom you can work positively and who understand what it is you’re trying to achieve from both a social and business perspective. The right investor is out there and this course will help you find the funds for your social enterprise.

This seminar will help you get the support you need – from crowdfunding to grants and from social impact bonds to charitable giving – and much, much more.

About James Watkins
James Watkins is a business support adviser and economic development specialist. He is also the Geopolitics and Corporate Communications Lecturer for the French business school, INSEEC and Regent’s University London. He was the Political Adviser to the Japanese Government based at the Embassy of Japan in London and he has also supported a number of Parliamentarians. He was previously the Chief Executive of national and regional business lobby groups where he helped with the growth and development of the Islamic finance market in the Midlands. James Watkins is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences and has gained a Masters in Asia-Pacific studies from the University of Leeds.

The seminar Setting Up A Not-For-Profit Organisation at Portobello Business Centre will be held Monday 25th February 2019

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