School of Connection: #4 The Courageous You Walks In

By on January 18, 2019

Self-development workshop where life coaching zooms in on connection skills – specifically designed for people that identify as shy!

London can be a lonely and disconnected place to live. We’re overwhelmed by work and social events each night that we miss out on creating real, meaningful connections.

School of Connection workshops have been designed to give you specific tools and skills to create more meaningful connections in new and pre-existing relationships. Through talks, solo exercises, pair-work and group discussion, workshops will focus on:

* active listening
* accepting conversation offers and building on them
* mirroring behaviour in agreement
* clarifying your values, motivations, experiences
* speaking in groups
* finding excitement in fear
* and more!

During this workshop, The Courageous You Walks In, you will be introduced to behavioural skills and techniques that contribute towards creating a confident, courageous you. When you walk into your workplace, your home, your local shop or a room full of strangers, you will gain knowledge and tools that will have you feeling powerful and confident amongst others.

Do you:

– Find yourself feeling anxious and scared in conversations with new people?

– Feel misunderstood and disconnected from your childhood friends and who you used to be?

– Sit at home on the sofa wishing you were outside socialising?

– Sit at your desk at work feeling alone in your thoughts?

– Crave to meet new people that are aligned with your values?

School of Connection will cover the following topics at upcoming workshops:
* Accepting and loving the real you
* Radical honesty in daily living
* Conversations with strangers
* Discovering your values
* Creating your own community
* Re-building platonic relationships
* Mindset around socialising
* Creating loving friendships
* Dating as a self-development tool
* The playful self: Improvised conversations
* The confident self: Taking the lead
* Non-verbal routes to connection

In these sessions you aren’t expected to be someone you’re not and every exercise is an invitation and non-compulsory. Just bring yourself and an open mind.


Connection Coach: Isla Suddek
In 2012, I found myself, an aspiring adult, feeling lonely and disconnected in this city I grew up in. Not knowing how to make friends or find a community to belong, I felt as if I wasn’t good enough and waited at home every evening for the problem to magically fit itself. Turns out, magic doesn’t exist but a human’s ability to change does!

Once I decided I’d had enough of the pain, I decided to create change in my life. Over the last six years, I have pushed myself to talk to strangers, attend events by myself, go to public speaking classes and perform in the street. I have developed experience in conversation, public speaking, teaching groups, life coaching, social skills, improvisation and acting.

I’ve worked with communication companies including Your Charisma Coach, Trigger Conversations and i2i and have created connection sessions through new initiative, We Are Connection (

I’m now focused on translating my experiences into practical and theory-based workshops and one-to-one coaching, to include conversation exercises, social skills training, movement, improvisation and more!


– Gandhi

School of Connection: #4 The Courageous You Walks In will be held at WeWork Wednesday 23rd January 2019.

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