Rave Ritual: Manifest Through Dance with Witch Clown

By on January 20, 2019

Witch Clown combines chaos magic and banging beats in a wild rave ritual to induct you into the art of mischief and manifestation.

Through an epic set of seductive techno, you’ll be plucked from the ordinary and transported to a dimension of transcendental triviality.

Turn your dreams into reality through ‘spell-dancing’ (like spell casting but shaking your booty instead of waving a wand) working on the unconscious mind you will learn to use your body as a tool for transformation, translating potentiality into reality through the embodied dance.

Summoning our intentions into every cell of our body we raise our vibe until the world around us shifts to align with our new and improved modus operandi.

Let the mayhem begin!

Genesis Story
Rumour has it that the Witch Clowns descended onto earth through a summoning act involving a potent concoction of psychedelic substances at the world’s largest psy-trance festival.

We shall never know the true origins of Witch Clowns, but their rambunctious rites of sorcery and silliness shall forever live in the hearts and souls of the mischievous mortals who dares to enter their portals of pestilence.

Are you ready to activate your inner Witch Clown?

Rave Ritual: Manifest Through Dance with Witch Clown will be held at The Psychedelic Society Friday 25th January 2019.

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