Psychedelics for Better Relationships will be held at The Hoxton – Holborn

By on February 19, 2019

Join journo and author Matthew Green as we deep dive into the connection between psychedelics and building relationships. Matt will be joined by a panel of experts, sorting fact from fiction and answering all of your questions.

Meet our panel…

Matthew Green is a journalist and author who encountered the therapeutic power of psychedelics first-hand while researching his new book Aftershock: fighting war, surviving trauma, and finding peace, which documents the struggles of British military veterans to find new ways to heal from post-traumatic stress.

Stefana Bosse is Co-Director of the The Psychedelic Society and facilitates the Society’s Psychedelic Experience weekends in the Netherlands. To date, she has supported over 200 people going on profound, often life-changing psychedelic journeys of healing and discovery. She is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher and a Holistic Counsellor specialising in relationship counselling, trained under the tutelage of the founders of the Path of Love, a transformational seven-day psycho-spiritual process.

Michelle Baker Jones is an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor in private practice. A member of Imperial college’s psychedelic research team, she works as a psychedelic guide for participants in clinical studies exploring the efficacy of psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) for treating depression. She also offers individual integration sessions for people who are struggling to process psychedelic experiences.

Nadav Modlin is a psychological therapist in private practice. He is a member of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College psychedelic research team and is working on clinical trials studying the impact of psilocybin on depression.

Psychedelics for Better Relationships will be held at The Hoxton – Holborn Monday 25th February 2019.

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