Psychedelic Gong Bath at Round Chapel

By on March 5, 2019

Please read thoroughly the following description and information, so you arrive to the session fully prepared.

As you lie on a mat on the floor, gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, some other ritual instruments and overtone singing will be used to weave a tapestry of sound.

The vibrations create a feeling of being ‘bathed’ or carried away into the space, with participants variously reporting subtle or powerful bodily sensations, a deep meditative state often accompanied by rich imagery and visions, or feeling of timeless nothingness and bliss.

During the session the brainwaves are altered to the state that is self-healing, and has balancing benefits on the body and mind. Occasionally some sounds might trigger unpleasant and suppressed emotions that flow up to the surface — please accept them as a part of a healing process.

In most cases the overall experience is very relaxing and ecstatic, and participants feel refreshed and recharged for a few days after the session.

To get the best out of the experience, please:

* Keep yourself warm & comfy – wear warm clothes, thick socks and bring a sleeping bag or warm blankets + mat/mattress to lie down on. During the session the temperature of the body often drops, so you might feel cold if you come unprepared.

* Come with no expectations and with an open mind.

* Position yourself with your head facing the gongs.

* Wear en eye mask or put a scarf on your face to cover your eyes which can enhance your visual sound experience.

* Ceremonial grade puerh tea will be available before the beginning of the session. It significantly affects subtle and physical energies in the body, and brings an additional mysterious effect to the meditation.

* Take your time to digest the experience – give yourself a bit of time for silence and introspection after the sounds of the session have vanished.

Facilitator: Kat Bumbul/Sound Mysterium
Kat is experienced and gifted sound healer (10 years), working with gongs, old Himalayan singing bowls, drums and her unique voice. She is also a ritualistic tea artist, creating sensuous tea meditations inspired by Chinese and Japanese ceremonies and Taoist and Zen philosophy. Kat studies and practices baltic/siberian shamanism, kashmiri shaiva tantras and dzogchen.

Kat/Sound Mysterium is available for private sound sessions inc singing bowls sound massage, also hand/energy healing, shamanic quest & healing, tea ceremonies/meditations, workshops, art projects and retreats.

Psychedelic Gong Bath at Round Chapel will be held on Monday 11th March 2019.

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