Psychedelic Dream with Sarah Janes

By on January 12, 2019

We all dream. Dreaming is a psychedelic state of consciousness woefully underestimated and un-potentiated in most of us, but it is a state which offers the most incredible opportunity for self-development, understanding, emotional and spiritual growth.

Sleep mends us, dreams truly nourish us – and yet how often do we neglect our sleep? We are sleep deprived on a national level. Most of us are sleeping far less than we should for optimal health and mental restoration. What can we achieve personally and collectively if we deepen our dream practice?

Lucid dreaming is a scientifically recognised state of consciousness – one in which we are dreaming but able to self-reflect and be self-aware. The experience produces an instantly recognisable response of euphoria and bliss. We can sometimes control the action and self-generate the content – literally morphing the world we inhabit in infinite ways and manifesting the life and characters within it.

Lucid dreaming is the ultimate trip, one that is safe and beneficial to everyone and can only ever come from within. There are easy ways to access the lucid state, they sometimes require a degree of self-discipline, but just one lucid dreaming success will make the techniques absolutely invaluable. Lucid dreaming is one of the most enriching experiences a human being can have.

We are addicted to coffee and the cult of wakefulness, our brains are online. But the waking state is only one small aspect of the experience of human consciousness. The sleep states take us into invisible and imaginary realms. Through working with our sleep and dreams we can learn to fully engage with these realms and in doing so, learn to self-reflect, get new perspectives and see the bigger picture. We can be our own guru, counsellor and soulmate.

Sarah Janes is a lucid dreaming expert who has been lucid dreaming since early childhood. She’s an independent researcher who has written on the subject for The Idler, The Bohemian, The Journal of Paranthropology and Ancient Origins and is finishing a book about ancient dream incubation practices, she is also developing lucid dream inspired Virtual Reality experiences and curating events and workshops on the subject.

Sarah Janes has a particular interest in the dream incubation techniques used in the sleep temples of ancient Greece and a guided dream incubation meditation will form part of this experience.

Psychedelic Dream with Sarah Janes will be held at The Psychedelic Society Friday 18th January 2019.

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