Prestige Sake Pairing Lunch Koshi no Kanbai x Dinings SW3

By on March 17, 2019

Experience “Koshi no Kanbai” with brewery president Tatusnori Ishimoto, visiting London for the first time from Niigata Prefecture. Dinings owner chef Masaki Sugisaki has created a special four-course menu just for this occasion featuring four courses, each paired with a premium sake.

The selection includes the rare “Kinmuku”junmai diaginjo and the iconic ginjo “Tokusen.”

About Koshi no Kanbai:
Koshi no Kanbai is Japan’s most famous and sought-after sake. Its “winter plum” label is familiar to enthusiasts everywhere, conjuring up the image of a sake so perfect that every single molecule seems immaculately in place.

Even as a young man in the 1930s, Shogo Ishimoto’s knack for making exceptional sakes was apparent. Totally focussed on his vision of sake excellence, he had produced a ginjo sake in 1946, an incredible feat at a time when both rice and sake were strictly rationed. In the years that followed he continually tested and refined his vision, creating a lasting legacy. Drier and cleaner than the sweet, heavy sakes of the day, Koshi no Kanbai eventually set the model for other breweries in the region, leading directly to the development of the Niigata style.

Prestige Sake Pairing Lunch Koshi no Kanbai x Dinins SW3 will be held on Saturday 23rd of March 2019.

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