Not a moment too soon Part of the Merce Cunningham Centennial

By on March 30, 2019

Trevor Carlson, close friend and Executive Director to Merce Cunningham, reflects on the 12 years he spent with the choreographer, offering a rare look at the final days of a master.

Filled with unseen footage of Merce, this show is a tapestry of video, text, music and dance. As he weaves in and around projection panels hung onstage, Carlson’s narration takes us through recollections of precious moments he spent with Merce. A journey into identity, memory and emotions, the dream-like solo shifts between monologues and intimate clips of the iconic artist at work and at play.

In 2001, in a dressing room in Australia, Cunningham stared at his reflection while filming himself on his own camcorder. Interested in the fleeting nature of things, he uttered the words: ‘not a moment too soon’. Taking this recording as a starting point, Carlson tells the history of their adventures, tapping into key periods of Cunningham’s (1919-2009) later life and saying farewell to a loved one.

Not a moment too soon Part of the Merce Cunningham Centennial will take place at Barbican Centre with start on Thursday 4th of April 2019.

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