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By on January 6, 2019

Are you fed up with not looking and feeling your best, an empty bank account at the end of every month, no time for life, no love life and general life stagnation? Join us on Saturday 12th January 2019 at 2pm to get the Training, Resources and Support you need to Master your Life in Health, Wealth, Social, Love, Growth and Contribution.

About This Week’s Talks

Jo Willson:
What would it be like if you had a deeper understanding of how your unconscious mind works and had control over your own negative and destructive thoughts, beliefs and self-talk?

We are delighted to welcome Jo Wilson to our January event where Jo will provide a high impact and interactive talk to enable you to understand the beliefs that you hold and how they are restricting you achieving what you desire and deserve in your life.

Jo is an exceptionally experienced speaker and Neuro-Linguistics Programming trainer who has trained 1000’s of professionals and business owners just like you, enabling them to make amazing shifts in their lives and create the mind-set for success.

Very often, we take on beliefs in our early years and store them as truths about ourselves. Jo will explain how this happens and you will have the opportunity to, not only identify the unhelpful beliefs you hold, but also create new, more empowering beliefs, going forward.

You will discover how the stories you tell yourself can limit, and often sabotage, your success and how to change these stories to create the prosperity and feeling of achievement in the areas of your life that are important to you.

Mike Allen:
The founder of the Life Mastery Society is an Entrepreneur, Trainer, Mentor, Coach and Public Speaker with a real passion for helping people to take control of their financial future so they can live their life to the fullest with the resources they need to do so. He will be showing you what he believes is the most obvious and affordable solution to the largest and most common roadblock to anyone achieving Life Mastery… having a lack of Time and Money.

After teaching you why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and why the middle class is disappearing causing you to struggle financially he will introduce you to the “income of the wealthy” and show how YOU can make money without trading time for it, without risking any capital and without having a world changing idea… in fact, there’s a chance you might even start saving money as a result of implementing his strategy which he will be openly sharing in his talk!

What is the Life Mastery Society?

The Life Mastery Society is on a mission to provide people with the Training, Resources and Support they need to Master Their Life in Health, Wealth, Social, Love, Growth and Contribution.

We believe that:

  • Anyone can master their life with the right training, support and strategies
  • Continuous change and constant improvement is required, taking the odd seminar is not enough.
  • Actionable teaching in small chunks is more effective than the information overload you get from large intensives.

This monthly event is intended to keep momentum and accelerate growth in a supportive environment of like-minded go getters while empowering you with the tools, training and resources required for you to master your life in all areas so you can realise your dreams.

With high value, actionable training on either Health, Wealth, Social, Love, Growth or Contribution at every event you are sure to grow at a rate you would never have thought possible! By being part of our positive, supportive and social society you can be sure to have a fun, rewarding and transformational experience. With every event preceding dinner with the society followed by a variety of social events you will be able to make new, likeminded friends and get to know them properly. From social networking, casual drinks and dating events to help you make new connections or maybe even find that special someone to seasonal outings and all out celebrations of the monthly achievements by the members of the society.

New Year, New Beliefs – Life Mastery Society event will be held at Lancaster Gate Hotel Saturday 12th January 2019.

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