My Journey through Arabia with Levison Wood

By on January 11, 2019

Join award-winning explorer Levison Wood for the tale of his hardest and most emotional journey yet: an expedition across 5000 miles of the Arabian Peninsula.

In his quest to document the world’s people and cultures, Levison Wood has led expeditions into Earth’s remotest regions and most dangerous post-conflict zones. Whether hitchhiking across the Silk Road as a 22-year old, crossing the Himalayas or Central America’s notorious Darién Gap, conducting scientific research in Central Africa or climbing mountains in Iraq, his passion for adventure and discovering more about indigenous ways of life has made him the best known and most acclaimed British traveller of his generation.

Now he joins the How To: Academy to tell us the unheard story of his longest and most challenging expedition so far. Following in the footsteps of notable travellers past – T.E. Lawrence, Ibn Battutah, Freya Stark, and Gertrude Bell – he set out to circumnavigate the Arabian peninsula from Iraq to Lebanon. Travelling across 13 countries by camel, foot, mule, truck, car, donkey and battle tank, and equipped with historical knowledge, patience, and a sense of purpose, he undertook a mission to overturn stereotypes and knock-down myths, uncover hidden mysteries – and challenge himself, too.

Arabia. Even the name is controversial – a Western construct for a peninsula made up of states and countries, some of them tipping over the edges and geographically at odds with inclusion. But whether lush and green, marshland, mountain, desert or holy land – whether peopled by Muslims, Christians, Jews, it is a region that has beckoned Lev for a long time. He knew he would meet danger and intrigue, suspicion and distrust – but he also knew that he would be welcomed as a guest by the people of these countries… or such was the hope.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from this master storyteller and documentarian as he recollects his adventure in one of the most important – and misrepresented – regions on Earth.

Levison Wood will talk about his journey through Arabia at Emmanuel Centre Thursday 17th January 2009 – don’t miss My Journey through Arabia with Levison Wood.

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