Mr W et al at Warehouse Hackney Wick

By on March 3, 2019

A free film screening of Why is Mr W Laughing? and performative exhibition about disability.

As you sense and the RAI Film Festival come together to bring you a celebratory event about art and disability.

Join us for a work-in-progress exhibition, a screening of Why Is Mr W. Laughing? and a participatory workshop that explores what it means to perceive and communicate differently. Why Is Mr W. Laughing? is a cinematic portrait of three artists with different disabilities.

Rather than making a film about inclusion, the film itself was produced inclusively through the pictorial worlds of each artist, focusing on their aesthetic obsessions and perspectives through their own videography.

This free-entry event seeks to contribute to an open, inclusive and discursive arts scene and to develop our understanding of how the experience of disability modulates the creative process.

Mr W et al at Warehouse Hackney Wick will be held on Saturday 9th March 2019.

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