Meet the Algerian ambassador: ask your questions

By on February 21, 2019

UNA Westminster Young Professionals are delighted to welcome HE Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria and Dean of the African Union Heads of Mission in the UK in their ‘Meet the Ambassador’ programme.

In his early diplomatic career, Ambassador Abba tackled mainly multilateral affairs and in this capacity he served in Luanda, Brasilia and Geneva. His ambassadorial postings have been in Tanzania, Greece and the Russian Federation. He speaks and writes in Tamazight, Arabic, French, English and Portuguese.

What will happen
The meeting room will be open from 5.30pm when Ashfords will kindly provide refreshments. The ambassador will speak on ‘Algeria and Multilateralism’ to be followed by open discussion. The meeting will end at 7pm after which all are invited to join the Westminster Young Professionals at The Draft House across the street for a networking session.

Meet the Algerian ambassador: ask your questions at Ashfords LLP will be held Wednesday 27th February 2019.

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