Make Your Admin Noisy As Hell (west London)

By on February 26, 2019

A series of four creative workshops which reflect on, and respond to, contemporary work realities.

These workshops will take as a starting point the default position for a lot of today’s work: sitting at a computer or laptop, getting through to-do lists, writing emails, updating a C.V. We will explode this mundane scenario with a series of vocal, technological and physical responses.

What is the emotional cost of cognitive labour? Is the boundary between work and life inevitably blurred?

March 4th: Make Your Admin Noisy As Hell
Everybody takes their laptops to the session. Through a miracle of vocal and technological wizardry, the laptops begin to scream and cough at every letter of every email. You have made your admin noisy as hell. What a ruckus.

March 11th: Eat My CV, and I’ll Eat Yours.
The chewed up remains become poems, the poems get put to music, we sing our labour free.

March 18th: Oh Yeah, My Body, I Forgot!
That fidgeting finger, those grinding teeth, that bopping knee, the slouching zombie seagull posture. We push it to an extreme. It’s the zombie carnival death-dance of obsessive fidgeting.

March 25th: Write & Sing The 2019 Work Song.
We look at the history of working songs and protest songs. In the age of zero-hour contracts, emails on the loo and #hustle, what does a work song sound like?

Make Your Admin Noisy As Hell (west London) will be held at RCA White City on Monday 4th March 2019.

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