London Bookshop Crawl 2019

By on February 4, 2019

The London Bookshop Crawl is back for its fourth year. Cheer up your February with a weekend celebration of the bookshops of London!

Bookshops across central and greater London will be offering discounts, perks and special events for bookshop crawlers and you’ll be able to download our free route maps to go bookshop crawling on your own or with friends, or join one of our special guided groups and meet new book loving friends. Try to visit as many bookshops as you can, or just one; discover new ones or visit old favourites. It’s entirely up to you, and everyone is welcome, the only rules are be nice to people, have fun and share the bookish love!

There will also be special events across the weekend like the Book Swap Brunch, special tours and other fun stuff.

Tickets for individual events are available on our website now. Free tickets acquired here will ensure that you’re sent all of the free resources as they become available.


What is a bookshop crawl?
A bookshop crawl is a day or a period of time spent going from bookshop to bookshop, browsing and buying books as the mood takes you and exploring new areas. To be a ‘crawl’ there is usually more than 1 bookshop involved, and you can use our free resources to plan a route between the participating bookshops, or join one of our groups and let us do the work for you!

Do I have to join a group, or can I do it on my own?
You can absolutely do it on your own if that’s what you prefer. We’ll be emailing everyone with this free ticket all of our free resources once they’re available, all of which are aimed towards helping you plan your own day or weekend of bookshop wandering. We’ll have route maps covering all areas of London as well as various tube lines and other fun things, and a big list of participating venues along with details of accessibility, opening hours and the perks they’ll be offering to bookshop crawlers. Plus we’re available on twitter & Facebook to answer all your bookshop crawl questions!

Where do I find the route maps?
You can access the Big List (which is actually a map this year) of all of the participating bookshops here ( There are also some downloadable pdf’s coming very soon which will actually give a pre-planned route and tell you how to get from A to B if that’s more your jam. At the moment there are other layers on the big list detailing bookshops through various different criteria to help you branch out and discover new bookish havens!

Does the free ticket get me access to everything?
This free ticket doesn’t get you access to any of our other ticketed events (Bunk off and Book Shop, the Saturday morning Guided Groups, Rare Books Rendezvous or the Book Swap Brunch). If you’d like to attend any of them you need to purchase tickets separately via our website ( What this does get you is all of our free resources – the Big List and other maps, downloadable pdf route maps and the bookshop crawl ID – emailed straight to you. You are then free to use them to organise your own weekend, and feel free to join us for literary drinks on the Saturday afternoon!

London Bookshop Crawl 2019 will be held all over London Friday 8th February 2019.

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