KIWE by Esther Cole at Two Tribes Brewing

By on March 7, 2019


Esther Cole will be sharing music from her portfolio alongside some of London’s crazy talented underground Soul, R&B and Hip Hop artists. There will be FREE drinks for the first 30 people, more drinks, amazing BBQ food, games and opportunites to win some dope prizes. There will also be BIRTHDAY CAKE!! YUM! It’s going to be a great night and hopefully we’ll see you there!

Artist Lineup:

  • Esther Cole
  • Adam Wedd
  • K Soul
  • Siobhan Elouise
  • KAJA

KIWE is a music and networking enterprise shaped in the form of events and podcasts. KIWE was created as a way for songwriter, recording artist and entrepreneur Esther Cole to share her music and engage with other industry professionals, creatives and music lovers around the UK. KIWE was also founded on values of love and support, so therefore, also provides a platform for other artists to showcase their work and meet new people too. It’s a space for lovers of music to be at home with “family” and be immersed in authentic urban sounds that express love, pain, adventure, new beginnings, success and revelations. KIWE events and podcasts are characterised by laughter, fun, debates and games. We listen, we sing, we dance, we talk and we look forward to the next KIWE adventure.

KIWE by Esther Cole at Two Tribes Brewing will be held on Wednesday 13th of March 2019.

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