Intro to Brush Calligraphy at Runway East Moorgate

By on March 5, 2019

Get your creative juices flowing and come and learn a new skill in our relaxed social setting.

Introduction to Brush Calligraphy is a step-by-step workshop for those looking to master hand-lettering and discover their unique illustrative style.

Perfect for beginners or anyone looking to brush up on their skills, this hands-on class will explore the origins of calligraphy before putting pen to paper: the first hour of the class will be spent practicing brush strokes before moving on, to create numbers and letters.

Expect to work your way through the alphabet as you discover this ancient art that’s just as relevant in the digital age – graphic designers, illustrators, creative entrepreneurs and even those looking to boost their social media will benefit from this class.

Intro to Brush Calligraphy at Runway East Moorgate will be held on Monday 11th of March 2019.

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