Instagram: how to get your first 10k followers with Hana Jay Klokner

By on January 19, 2019

Every month the Hatch team arranges high-value workshops, talks, and networking opportunities for South London based entrepreneurs at a reasonable price to make knowledge accessible to the many and not the few.

We aim to maintain growth among the existing community of inspirational entrepreneurs in the area.

This month, come and learn with Hana Jay from

We will cover how to get to 10k and review those points on the way:

  • how to build an efficient hashtag bank
  • how to build partnerships with small/medium influencers
  • Videos in Instagram (stories, post and IGTV)

Who’s the speaker?
Hana Jay Klokner is a social media marketing consultant and an independent author. She started blogging in 2007 as a contributing editor for an Apple magazine in Slovakia where she comes from. She fell in love with blogging and only a year later founded her first online platform – a fashion magazine of which she was the editor-in-chief for four years until she sold it in 2012. She’s now a tutor and lecturer at the University of the Arts London, teaching social media marketing, marketing on Instagram, and blogging. Her mission is to make social media easy for everyone.

About the venue: is South London’s best community space to hear stellar talks, practice art and wellbeing activities, have a coffee and a toastie or work without the distractions of home.

55 East is divided into 3 spaces: The Lounge for events, The Kitchen to enjoy locally sourced food & drinks, and The Studio our co-working space: for all the creatives, small teams or solopreneurs.

Each month, The Lounge hosts Hatch’s social club and welcomes high-quality speakers.

Instagram: how to get your first 10k followers with Hana Jay Klokner at 55 east Studio Thursday 24th January 2019.

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