InShortFF’19 Open Gala: Out In The Wild

By on September 19, 2019

InShortFF 2019 OPENING GALA – OUT IN THE WILD // 128’ with interval //

Box office: 19.00 // Part One: 19.30* // Interval: 20.40 // Part Two: 20.55 // End: 22.15

Out In The Wild
When night falls, not everyone is asleep. Who’s up, who dances in the glory of the city lights, and what’s hiding in the shadows? When darkness comes, is there anywhere we can escape if we have to hide from the reality? Expect unexpected, that’s the theme for the first part of the programme. In the second half, we will teleport you into the wild, where, surrounded by nature you can finally relax and take a break from your everyday problems. Or is that too good to be true?

Expect a mix of genres, from documentary, drama, comedy, to animation and music video.

This programme includes 13 films from Greece, China, UK, France, Austria, Israel, Singapore, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

InShortFF’19 Open Gala: Out In The Wild at Canada Water Theatre Wednesday 25 September 2019!

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