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By on March 3, 2019

Delivered in collaboration with experimental Bari-based gallery space 63rd-77th STEPS and conceived by Fabio Santacroce as a restaging of the original project presented at FUTURA Prague in 2018, this new presentation at Auto Italia incorporates an integrated audio-video installation by Santacroce with text contributions from Zoe Darling, Juliette Desorgues, Ella Du Cane, Michal Novotny, Jakob Rockenschaub, Natalya Serkova, SKKI, Romina Shama, Isabella Mongelli and Edin Zenun.

These texts will elaborate on the work and retort to the title of the project as a prompt to engage with its inherent nihilism and irreversibility – materialising as personal interpretations dealing with notions of sentimentality, pop culture, idiosyncrasy, celebrations, irreversibility and hierarchies of power.

Engaging with middlebrow aesthetics – some of these will be presented in the form of prints and decorations to be integrated into the main installation, and others will be read and performed during the evening by Juliette Desorgues, Zoe Darling, Ella Du Cane and Fabio Santacroce.

63rd – 77th STEPS is a project space founded and run by the artist Fabio Santacroce in Bari, Italy. The name refers to the final part of a multi-floor staircase (the area between 63° and 77° step), inside a building from the beginning of the XX century in Bari. 63rd-77th STEPS strains and investigates the limits and potentialities of the periphery, redefining its spatial and temporal framework within a hyper-connected, hegemonic geography.

Fabio Santacroce is an artist based between Bari and Turin, working in installation, sculpture, prints, video and curatorial activity. His practice concerns with the investigation and the deconstruction of the spectacle, the cultural entertainment and the hierarchy of power structures. By employing prosaicness, sentimentalism and dilettantism, both as aesthetic and critical tools, his work appears as an exuberant dark mise-en-scène, always threatened by a sense of divertissement and bitter youthfulness. Recent solo shows have been presented at Pina Vienna, FUTURA Prague and at Cité International Des Arts in Paris. Selected group exhibitions include Opening Reception at Chavannes 45 Lausanne, Scumming at Palazzo Lancia Turin, Il Cielo A Calci at Jupiter Wood London, The Garden at ROOM E-10 27 Paris, Play Time at 501 (c)3 Los Angeles.

Zoe Darling studied at Glasgow School of Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design and Lucerne College of Art and Design. Since 2008 she lives and works between London and Lucerne. Her work investigates the personal and the collective experience. Her mainly performative practise covers diverse activities; from butoh to punk rock, contemporary dance, bio hacking and self-made publications.

Juliette Desorgues is an independent curator and writer based in France and the UK. She recently co-edited a publication on the work of Australian artist Helen Johnson (co-published by ICA, London and Artspace, Sydney, 2018) and curated the group exhibition ‘Hypersea’ as part of artmonte-carlo in April 2018 and. She is currently curating a group exhibition for Damien and the Love Guru gallery, Brussels in January 2019. She previously worked as Associate Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, where she curated a number of exhibitions, commissions and events including ‘in formation’ (2017); ‘Helen Johnson: Warm Ties’ (2017); ‘The Things that Make you Sick: Loraine Leeson and Peter Dunn’ (2017); ‘Everything is Architecture: Bau Magazine from the 60s and 70s’ (2014); ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’ (2016 and 2015), ‘Yuri Pattison: mute conversation’ (2014). Prior to this, Desorgues held curatorial positions at the Barbican Art Gallery, London and Generali Foundation, Vienna.

Elena Consuelo Du Cane (b. Limerick, Ireland) is an Anglo-American artist, curator, and herbalist working between London, Norfolk, and the Wicklow mountains. Her practice incorporates drawing, sculpture, performance, teaching, and healing. In 2014 she formed a performance collective, known as The Deviants, who use subtle disruption and misleading character concepts to play with social and political norms. Selected exhibitions include: New Art from London at Babakov Art Projects in Moscow, Fashion In Film festival at Tate Modern, Decade at the Glasgow project room, and Latitude Festival of Arts in Suffolk.

The presentation If The Poor Stopped Reproducing The Rich Would Create Them Artificially will be held at Auto Italia on Saturday 9th March 2019.

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