Hypersensitivity – What are the Hidden Causes & Remedies

By on March 8, 2019

*Find out why hypersensitivity is an increasingly common phenomena.
*What does it mean to be highly sensitive?
*Understand remedies to support hypersensitivity.

Today hypersensitivity (or highly sensitive people) is an increasingly common phenomena, bu this was not the case even 15–20 years ago. Why is this? The phenomenon is not random but can be explained out of the person’s biography. People with hypersensitivity have a distinct supersensible constitution which can be observed. In this lecture the genesis of hypersensitivity and possibilities to remedy it and provide specific support are explained.

Who is Inessa Burdich?
Inessa has an MSc in the Physics of Metals and an MSc in Therapeutic Education. She works as a spiritual researcher for the Society for Applied Spiritual Research Ltd., Germany, www.geistesforshung-gmbh.de, and has a particular interest in supersensible perception.

The event Hypersensitivity – What are the Hidden Causes & Remedies? will be held at Rudolf Steiner House on Thursday 14th of March 2019.

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