How to Avoid Burnout with Emily and Amelia Nagoski

By on March 14, 2019

Science tells us that women experience burnout differently than men, this ground-breaking talk provides a plan to help women minimise stress, manage emotions and live a more joyful life.

You’ve heard the usual advice over and over: exercise, green smoothies, self-compassion, colouring books, mindfulness, bubble baths, gratitude… you’ve probably tried a lot of it. Sometimes it helps, at least for a while. But what happens when the real stuff kicks in – when the kids are struggling at school or your partner needs support or a new work project lands in your lap last minute?

Self-care has to then be side-lined, but what can you do during this time?

Sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski have the answers. To tackle stress, you must separate the emotion of stress with the things that cause you stress – like work, money, body image, and cultural expectations. Like the digestive system, stress is a cycle you have to complete in order to release it. When your body is able to release the stress it holds, it resets itself and is able to meet the next challenge with ease.

This compassionate, practical and optimistic talk will provide you with the science, inspiration and practical solutions to thrive in a stressed-out, unpredictable and anxious-ridden world.

You’ll learn:

  • How to actually deal with stress and not just the things that cause you stress, e.g. work, money, family. How to separate it and solve it by completing the stress cycle
  • How to overcome emotional exhaustion at home and in the workplace – setting boundaries without the guilt, avoid feeling swallowed up by work or suffocated by commitments
  • Why sometimes struggling and things ‘going wrong’ increases learning and creativity
  • How listening to your ‘inner critic’ and acknowledging limitations helps diminish them
  • Why physical activity, affection and human connection are the key tools to combating stress
  • Why a lot of advice on stress is unhelpful to women – the majority of research on stress is based on male participants even though women actually respond very differently to stress
  • Why different social pressures and expectations on women add to their overall stress burden and why engaging with your ‘something larger’ will help combat them
  • Understanding that it is normal – nearly universal – to want to accept and love your body as it is whilst also wanting to change it to conform to the culturally constructed aspirational ideal

Dr. Emily Nagoski
Dr. Emily Nagoski is the author of NYT bestseller Come As You Are: The surprising new science that will transform your sex life.

Emily noticed that the questions she got most often had to do with Chapter 4 of her book, which wasn’t about sex, but about stress and emotion processing.

Emily has a PhD in Health Behaviour with a minor in Human Sexuality from Indiana University, and a MS in Counselling, also from IU, including a clinical internship at the Kinsey Institute Sexual Health Clinic.

She has been a sex educator for twenty years and worked for eight years as the inaugural Director of Wellness Education at Smith College in Massachusetts. @emilynagoski

Dr. Amelia Nagoski
Dr. Amelia Nagoski is a conductor with a Doctorate of Musical Arts and Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Music at Western New England University.

She has three degrees and is the only woman ever to receive a DMA in conducting from UConn, and remains a distinct minority among her colleagues.

Amelia and Emily are identical twin sisters.

How to Avoid Burnout with Emily and Amelia Nagoski will be held at Portland Hall on Wednesday 20th of March 2019.

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