House Party at House of Togetherness

By on February 17, 2019

House Party is a non-alcoholic saturday night adventure at the House of Togetherness in Covent Garden. Combining the playful and the deep and offering a hundred different ways to meet and connect with yourself and others.

EFT and Aerobics with Schtefan • Platonic Frolics • Silent Disco • Connected Conversations • Schpooning Zone • Super Vibe Party Games • Mary’s Cake Place • Self Love Clinic

House of Togetherness is a hub for making connection a priority. Everything at the house is experiential and everyone is welcome, no matter your politics, sexuality, race, background, everyone is welcome.

EFT and Aerobics with Schtefan
Join our comedy Bavarian host for 30 mins of actual aerobics and EFT therapy. Move your body, sweat, laugh and cry all at the same time. Bring lycra and leotards for bonus points at this session.

Self Love Clinic
Come and do a 20 min group check up with Sarah Adefehinti and walk out with a prescription to take home and do

Platonic Frolics
Make new pals and explore the house with them on a platonic mystery tour and treasure hunt.

Silent Disco with Nobodys Watching
Everybody loves a silent disco, especially when it is hosted by the energising Claudia Colvin!

Super Vibe Party Games
Adam Wilder and Tamaryn Payne take you through games to make you laugh and meet new people. From the playful to the soulful.

Mary’s Cake Place
Meet Mary, supreme vegan cake maker. Join her to decorate cakes and learn how to bake deliciousness.

Connected Conversations
Cultural Explorer Charles O’Malley get you into deep and meaningful chats with his carefuly crafted conversation menus

Spooning Zone
Step into the lush padded, pillowed spooning zone for platonic cuddles with Jon Skoyles

And there will be teas and cacaos and all manner of goodness, come play with us for an alcohol free and fun Saturday night.

Hosted by Togetherness founder Adam Wilder and the trained Togetherness team.

House Party at House of Togetherness will be held Saturday 23rd February 2019.

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