Hello Darkness, My Old Friend by Alan Lowen

By on January 14, 2019

We did it once and we are doing it again! And what a beautiful time – THE LAND IS DARK, THE SOUL SEEKS TRANSFORMATION. If you were here last time, then you know the session will be an entirely different experience this time. And for those who haven’t had the chance to do this work yet, here is what it is:

A rare opportunity to experience some of Alan’s exceptionally potent circle work that he usually only uses in long trainings. It’s an invitation to bring all that you are, including all that you don’t like about yourself – your tears, your struggles, your dark stuff – into the transforming space of the circle. Alan’s unique guidance has a way of bringing unimaginable openings and awakenings that can really change your life.

This afternoon workshop will give you a safe and permissive space to address any and every personal issue. Even if you don’t bring any baggage, the circle will touch and move things in you. If your comfort zone has just become too comfortable, come to stir it up! Come simply for the adventure of meeting yourself and others in real presence!

What does circle work look like?
Alan’s circle is a deeply personal, interactive space. We all agree to keep being present in the circle, and this supports and enables us to explore whatever we need to explore, within ourselves and with each other. Here everything can be opened up. Other people’s explorations may connect us with feelings we have been brought up to reject or fear in ourselves, or bring up unconscious stuff from our psyches. These openings may be at times uncomfortable, but it is here that healing and transforming magic happens!

How you participate is always up to you. You are allowed! To feel. To speak. To play. To be quiet. To express yourself. To be afraid. To be bold. To interact and experiment. Until it happens, Alan does not know when and how he may work with you and the circle. Decades of experience have given him a rich repertoire of resources and he often spontaneously creates explorations and processes for people. At other times he lets the circle work its magic, not intervening in what is going on if he perceives that this serves you on a deeper level.

There is no saying where the journey will go, but it most likely will be a very adventurous one. Learning to trust your experience in the circle can make it a powerful medicine. As always, Alan gives you his whole-hearted presence in being there and making available his extraordinary ways of working with you.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend by Alan Lowen will be held at 42 Acres Shoreditch Sunday 20th January 2019.

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