Hack:: Soho – Cybercrime & the Dark Net featuring Thomas Olofsson

By on January 19, 2019

IOActive invites you to the January edition of HACK::SOHO, a monthly event at our central London office. Join fellow hackers, tech heads, enthusiasts, and visionaries for food, cold beer, and hot cybersecurity talk.

This edition will take place on Thursday the 24th of January and will feature Thomas Olofsson, senior cybercrime and information security specialist and founder of Sec-T.org. He will be presenting: “A Trip To the Dark Side of the Moon – Cybercrime & the Dark Net”

As the Internet came into wide usage, new forms of crime became possible. Hackers became the new bank robbers. Now, with the emergence of cryptocurrencies and dark webs, the landscape has changed. The anonymity provided by the dark Internet has created a new world of crime, including everything from harassment and grooming to fraud and identity theft; something of which we all must be aware.

In his enlightening account, Thomas will take a trip to the dark side of the Internet. He will show the guises that cybercrime takes, as well as detailing the efforts of law enforcement to keep pace with the criminals.

Thomas will dive into the hidden world of hackers and cybercriminals and how they trade information and secrets online for fun and profit. All of which leads to new attack vectors, like credentials stuffing, extortion, and sophisticated phishing attacks.

Engage in the discussion with Thomas, ask questions, learn new things, and network, all while enjoying drinks and music.

Hack:: Soho – Cybercrime & the Dark Net featuring Thomas Olofsson will be held at IOActive Thursday 24th January 2019.

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