Free Market Road Show – London 2019: Reinventing Freedom

By on May 3, 2019

Free Market Road Show 2019 – Europe at a Crossroads: Reinventing Freedom 30 Years After the Wall

1828, in collaboration with the Austrian Economics Centre, is proud to be hosting the Free Market Road Show (FMRS) in London. With the input of leading economists, businesspeople, scholars, politicians, and historians, the FMRS is a series of events that tours all around Europe, discussing what constitutes European values and how they can change for the better. The talks are interactive and attempt to engage people with the success of free market economics, championed by some of the greatest minds worldwide. This year, the FMRS has placed emphasis on engaging the millennial generation.

Since its birth in 2008, the FMRS has attracted some of the most highly esteemed speakers in their fields, and toured around 45 European countries spreading their message of liberty.

The topic of the FMRS this year is “Reinventing Freedom 30 years after the wall”, and the talk that we are hosting will be titled “Reinventing Freedom – Europe at a Crossroads”. We will be looking at some of the most pressing issues facing Europe in the coming years, particularly to do with how the continent looks to reinvent itself and free trade.

The layout for the evening is as follows:

  • Speech by a senior politician.
  • Keynote speech delivered by Dr Richard Rahn

First panel: The future of free trade in the age of automation

  • Andrew Boff: Former candidate for mayor of London and Conservative London assembly member
  • Hannes Gissurarson: Professor of Political Science at Iceland University, founder Oxford Hayek society
  • Barbara Kolm: President of Hayek Institute and Director of the Austrian Economics Center
  • Priti Patel MP: Conservative MP

Second panel: Reimagining Europe: how the EU can adapt and survive?

  • Douglas Carswell: Former MP and the author of ‘Rebel’.
  • James Sproule: Chief Economist and Director of Policy for the Institute of Directors
  • Richard Teather: Tax specialist, author, government advisor, and professor of Law
  • Richard Zundritsch: Legal specialist, grandnephew of Hayek
  • Andrew Bernstein: Philosophy professor and author of The Capitalist Manifesto

Free Market Road Show – London 2019: Reinventing Freedom will be held at The Savannah Bar & Restaurant on Thursday 9th of May 2019.

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