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Our FLUX: Social events are a new type of event for 2019. These events are primarily for networking and making connections within the creative media arts community.

Hosted by our FLUX co-founders Maria Almena, Oliver Gingrich and Aphra Shemza, they will provide a relaxed space for the facilitation of networking and collaboration.

In our intimate setting at the Library London, the audience will get the opportunity to meet key artists within the media art scene in London face to face and to discuss ideas, practices and preeminent concepts in today’s Media Arts.

Each event, artists meet and discuss their work with the audience. We invite all artists and creative practitioners working with art and technology who want to present to email us on info@fluxevents.co.uk.

Our aim is to encourage discourse and create a space for communication and the exchange of ideas, providing some much needed critical discussion and technical advice for artists working in the field of the media arts. Come and join us to explore unchartered territories within the media arts and meet fellow practitioners.


Mirador Collective
We are a collective that is formed by Cristina Rosique and Suki Law. We develop projects that tackle social issues through virtual reality and interactive media.

Cristina Rosique
A visual creator and storyteller, from graphic design to architecture. She is as well the co-founder of Mirador Collective, because she believes that design is more than something nice, it’s a protest and a change tool. Her personality makes her not tolerate injustices and that is reflected in her practice with strong visual content and critical thinking. Gender inequalities and minorities issues are always presented in her works. Moreover, she holds a master in Graphic Media design from University arts of London, and a bachelor and master in architecture. Her researches and illustrations have been published in ALWFV2, Eve Gallery and FGM manual.

Suki Law
A graphic designer based in London. She has a strong passion for design and social issues. Her practice involves the application of critical design methodologies in social context, in particular in the field of journalism. Before pursuing her master studies in Graphic Media Design in the London College of Communication, she completed a bachelor degree in Law and Business and worked in the legal sector.

Alix de Bretagne is a London based conceptual artist and Human Rights activist. Throughout the years, de Bretagne has taken an active part in society using the medium of art to promote equality, diversity and equity.Although inspired by renaissance art, de Bretagne mostly creates conceptual art in painting, sculpture and small scale art installation.

Amy Goodchild –  Artist | Creative Code & Technology
She is a London based artist who works with digital technology and interaction. I have a background in user experience design.
She make engaging art for people to enjoy.

FLUX: Social by FLUX EVENTS will be held at The Library on Tuesday 26th of March 2019.

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