Elephant x Winsor & Newton: An Composite Landscape by Elephant

By on March 13, 2019
Image: - Kyle Gallup, 'Shoe Repair Window’, 2018

Join us for a panel discussion about landscapes of the mind featuring current artist in residence in London, Kyle Gallup, along with Adam Hennessey and Juliette Losq, all of whom build their images through a process of selection, adaptation and reconstruction.

A Composite Landscape
A Landscape of collected ideas; a landscape of mental images – here the word is used to describe a process of assemblage. All artists on the panel build their images through selection, adaptation and reconstruction.

Together they will share thoughts on assembling work through a mixture of observation, invention and experience. Each artist will discuss their unique experience of work evolving over time and how memory is drawn upon, before, during and after the making process.

Kyle Gallup spends long periods of time ‘getting to know’ her subject by scrutinising it closely, subjecting it to deconstructive processes while simultaneously rebuilding it through an expressive use of colour not necessarily associated with the natural world.

Adam Hennessey is an artist driven by process and fascinated by how things operate. He thinks visually and looks for things that match up with how he is thinking and feeling at the time, combining it with an interest in working intuitively, without compositional concerns.

Juliette Losq’s installation work is an invitation to lose oneself in a landscape made up of known and unknown elements. On the one hand a slightly disturbing hint at a postapocalyptic science fiction landscape; combined with a simultaneously enticing re-contemporised place set amongst the histories of Samuel Palmer.

The panel discussion Elephant x Winsor & Newton: An Composite Landscape will be held at Elephant West on Tuesday 19th of March 2019.

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