Ecstatic Dance UK at The Old Baths

By on February 11, 2019

London’s first and only Sunday morning Ecstatic Dance! Come and join us for our fifth edition with guest DJ Pixi Pete and sound healer Kwali Kundalini Kumara.

Gust Dj: Pixi Pete
DJ and General Joy Ambassador for the world, Devon-based Pixi Pete started out as a Bedroom DJ on traditional turntables before finding his feet on digital controllers. Mixing in live drumming with world-class beats, he is sure to bring life to any party. He holds space for Dance Medicine in Glastonbury and is always a festival favourite. He describes his style as a ‘unique journey through space, time and genres to give you something new and exciting, as well as something old and nostalgic. And be prepared for a surprise…’. Curious? Check out his sets here:

Sound Healer: Kwali Kundalini
Kwali Kundalini is a magnetic, uplifting and inspiring kundalini yoga and gong meditation teacher. She began her training in 2006 and continues to constantly expand her knowledge of the teachings, so she can deliver this powerful technology to her students with upmost integrity and devotion. Her passion for people and commitment to serve others creates a high vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur.

What is Ecstatic Dance?
ED is a type of free-form dancing inviting people to connect to themselves and to others through music and movement. It takes places over a 2-hour live DJ set and starts and finishes with a short opening and closing circle led by a Ceremony Leader.

There are no teacher or rules, but we ask you to follow a few guidelines:

1. No talking. ED is a silent practice -you are welcome to communicate with others with your body language, but please keep words outside the space.
2. No shoes. Barefoot dancing helps us ground ourselves by creating direct contact between our feet and the floor. ED is best practiced barefoot but you can also wear socks if you wish to.
3. No drugs/alcohol. ED is a conscious practice embracing mindfulness.
4. Phone-free zone. Please keep your phones off/silent and out of sight.
5. Respect of self and other. We ask participants to take responsability for themselves, but also to watch out for others and be mindful of their personal space.

Ecstatic Dance UK at The Old Baths will be held Sunday 17th February 2019.

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