Doctor Who: Alien Invasions of London

By on February 25, 2019
Peter's Steps St Paul's, where Cybermen emerged from the sewers...

Doctor Who began in London and the Tardis regularly returned to the capital, just in time to foil the latest alien invasion.

Starting at Monument Underground (Fish Street Hill Exit), we’ll explore the real life locations that inspired the adventures we saw on TV. Aided by his companions and friends at UNIT, the Doctor repelled Yeti, Cybermen, Terileptils and many more species.

We won’t be watching from behind the sofa but soothe your nerves with a jellybaby and off we go!

And if you feel like cosplaying as your favourite character – go for it!

Walk ends at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Please dress for all weathers, we look forward to seeing you.

Doctor Who: Alien Invasions of London the walk starts at Monument Underground Sunday 3rd March 2019.

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