Disruptive writing for the 21st century author

By on March 19, 2019

You are the expert but can you stand out as an authority? The most complex topics seem easy to tackle but are you helping your audience to adapt? Finally, are there any risks when it comes to writing and would you always go the extra mile?

These are just a few elements to consider when it comes to a disruptive way of thinking. The question is, how do we translate our most disruptive thoughts, in writing? Last month we explored the disruptive mindset. Now it’s time to find ways to apply it and achieve more impact in your work.

Being a 21st century writer – one who has control over where they write, what they cover and how much money they make – means crossing disciplines and writing across contexts, and a varied career can be crafted if you’re willing to take the freelance leap.

Join the Non-Fiction Author’s Association on Wednesday 21st of March to explore a different type of freelance writing career pathway.

Gemma Milne is a Freelance Science and Technology writer, with bylines in Forbes, BBC, The Guardian and Quartz, to name a few. She is working on her first non-fiction book on hype and idealism in science and technology. She is also Co-Founder of Science: Disrupt – a media organisation focusing on the innovator creating change in science, and is an international speaker. Gemma is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, an expert assessor for Innovate UK and the European Commission, and an innovation advisor to SXSW and the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

Cristian A. Nica, the London Chapter leader of the Nonfiction Authors Association. A chartered clinical psychologist with more than eight years experience.

As the founder of Responsivebooks, he aims to create opportunities for community development through an intuitive way of learning. In this event, he will guide you through a design thinking process to take your writing to the next level.

Disruptive writing for the 21st century author is held at St Pancras Community Centre on Monday 25th of March 2019.

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