Dharma-Delia at The Psychedelic Society

By on January 15, 2019

Dharma~Delia is a Buddhist-based meditation class for people with an interest in the exploration of consciousness, including through the use of psychedelic substances, or other practices.

It is a contemplative space to explore ways in which the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom can help us:

Inquire into the nature of reality
You might have experienced different practices from a number of wisdom traditions, but are left wondering about long-lasting transformation or how to make everyday life meaningful.

Make sense of a peak experience
You might have had peak experiences involving a profound sense of peace, contentment or compassion.

Cultivate some of the insights gained on a psychedelic journey
You might have experienced a deep sense of interconnectedness, or gazed straight into the face of impermanence and the cycle of life and death.

Feel better prepared for one —or for the journey that is life!
By training the stability, openness and lucidity of our minds.

This class will be experiential, focused on sitting meditation, and blend informal Dharma chats with a variety of meditative practices. It will seek to continuously evolve in order to meet the needs of those who attend.

Who will be guiding these sessions?
Lode Lhamo is a London-based meditation teacher, and transpersonal psychotherapist in training. She is a lay practitioner from the ordained nagpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. For the last 10 years, she has been studying and training in Vajrayana Buddhism, under the close guidance of a recognised Dzogchen master. She has attended nearly 50 retreats (~600 days), and has a little experience of prolonged periods of entirely solitary, silent retreat. She considers herself a dedicated beginner on this most profound path, and her teacher has agreed for her to share the little experience she has started gathering.

Lode Lhamo is also a certified mindfulness teacher for adults and young people, and has trained with Breathworks, Mindfulness in Schools Project, and Mind-with-Heart. She is a core team member of the Psychedelic Society, and works as an Experience coordinator and facilitator on the Experience retreats.

Dharma-Delia at The Psychedelic Society will be held Monday 21st January 2019.

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