Dancing Freedom in London

By on January 24, 2019

Dancing Freedom is a guided moving meditation practice held by DJ and Dancing Freedom facilitator Sophie.

In this session you will be guided through the five elements of our natural world to re-member the connection to your body, held in a container of inspiring and soul quenching music.

What you could experience:

– Deep joy
– The simplicity to move all that is stuck in you
– The simplicity to be with the whole spectrum of feelings within
– More self (elf) acceptance and inner peace.
– Feeling a natural effortless connection to all that is around you

Dancing together simply creates an inclusivity, a balm for the increasing isolation in our culture. It meets our essential human needs to be seen and held, to be in community, to inhabit our flesh and bone, to transcend.’ (A quote from a feature on the global conscious dance scene.)

Bring: Water bottle, curiousity and loose comfy clothes to dance and possibly sweat in.

Dancing Freedom in London will be held in Covent Garden at House of Togetherness Wednesday 30th January 2019.

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