Damo Suzuki Network will perform at St Mary´s Music Hall

By on March 17, 2019

These Days are delighted that a bona-fide legend, frontman of Krautrock giants CAN – one of the most influential rock bands ever – DAMO SUZUKI will be coming to Walthamstow to perform.

Damo Suzuki’s Network is an assembly of musicians, It’s a collective meeting place where like minded people go.

The goal is simple, for musicians to communicate with each other and with the audience. There are no ego’s involved. Musicians send smoke signals to each other. They respond in kind. Damo selects musicians/’Sound Carriers’ who have the potential to communicate freely and who are able to respond honestly to each other in the here and now. This also involves a respect for and dynamic communication with the audience. Both Damo and Can refer to this process as Instant Composing. Each concert is a unique event. There are never any rehearsals. Mistakes are moments of opportunity. For the musician, this process is in equal parts exciting and terrifying. I remember those joyous words that introduced the sixties cartoon series Stingray, ” Anything can happen in the next half hour.” For Damo, the half hour may well be two or four hours but the same principle holds true. Anything can happen.

As Damo says, ” I like every concert. When everyone is in the same space and time are very happy. For me it is a really great moment, sometimes, even teardrops start falling because of my happiness. I feel very lucky to be in this moment with such an audience.”

Damo’s ‘Sound Carriers’ are Dave Bamford (Magoo/Cowboy Flying Saucer), Whitney Bluzma of Manchester agit-rockers ILL (Bass), Darren Hayman (brass/guitar), Factory Records/Cherry Red legend, Kevin Hewick (Guitar), and Kat Richmond (Electronic17, Viola/Beats).

Support from Amesbury Banks and Cowboy Flying Saucer, Byrd Out & Domestic Exile DJ’s will be stress testing St Mary’s 800 year old foundations with out-there sonics.

Damo Suzuki Network will perform at St Mary´s Music Hall on Saturday 23rd of March 2019.

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