Cosmic Mirage at Concrete Space

By on January 13, 2019

The bodies of the solar system separate themselves. Land on a new planet made of robotics and stardust. Break through the boundaries of terrestrial noise. Mirage will bring a new cosmic evolution.

The gates of the space shuttle will open at 2PM, and no guests will be allowed after 4 PM. Come along and bring your best futuristic attire.

Dublin-based Italian DJ, Sistematic is getting more and more attention from the Irish electro-scene and night lovers who are seeking deep underground vibes. He performed at clubs like Yamamori Tengu, The Grand Social and for the collective Fioi’s Island.

Cristina Lazic
Music is at the core of her life and everything she does. Born in Milan and London-based, her aim is to connect with people by making them dance. Her sounds range from researched deep house to upbeat, groovy tech house tunes.

// Bring your own cup //
At Mirage we are looking to reduce single-use plastic, that’s why we encourage you to bring your own cup. We will also provide reusable cups: you pay a £2 deposit and get it back when you return it.

Cosmic Mirage will be held at Concrete Space Saturday 19th January 2019 and it is a day party.

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