Comedy Unleashed – Scott Capurro & Konstantin Kisin

By on January 3, 2019
London's free-thinking comedy club starts the new year with Scott Capurro, Andrew Doyle, Konstatin Kisin and Huge Davis.

London’s free-thinking comedy club starts the new year with….

Scott Capurro
“Arch and acidic in his baiting of audience sensibilities”
– Chortle

“Only in a Capurro gig do you realise how childish and tame all the other supposedly transgressive stand-ups on the circuit really are. Some of his remarks, about the Qur’an in particular, do seem inadvisably brave. And yet he is no bigot.”
– Guardian

Left-leaning liberal American that uses the blackest humour to make the unpalatable, palatable Broadway Baby.

Andrew Doyle
Co-writer of Jonathan Pie and co-founder of Comedy Unleashed.
“Fantastically funny” GQ Magazine “One of the country’s most exciting comedic talents”
– Gay Times​

Konstantin Kisin
Konstantin caused a media storm when he refused to sign a university ‘behavioural agreement’ banning his from any jokes which could be considered ‘trans / xeno / homo / islamo / whatever phobic’.

At Comedy Unleashed, he can say what he likes. If it’s funny, it’s funny. You be the judge.

Huge Davies
‘Jet black, funny and unsettling’ Chortle

Comedy Unleashed at Backyard Comedy Club, Tuesday 8th January 2019.

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