Colours of Love ‘City Series’ London

By on September 16, 2019

City Series is an all-inclusive one day urban retreat, encapsulating key elements of Colours of Love, a transformative multi-day experience held bi-annually in Thailand and Europe.

  • There is a place in you that knows no bounds, that has no fear, that dreams of limitless possibilities, that has the courage to create anything.
  • There is a world out there that is ready and waiting for us all to find that place.
  • What if you discovered that your greatest dreams were meant to be dreamed, awakened and brought into reality?
  • What if you were the creator of your own reality, breathing through life with new perspective and radiant grace, leaving a wave of love in your wake?
  • When you come together with a community, ready to recognise this infinite capacity in each other, miracles can happen.

It is with greatest honour that we welcome you to the very first Colours of Love ‘City Series’ in London on 22nd September 2019 to connect, create and celebrate with us as we collectively step into our higher selves on the eve of the Autumn Equinox. This is a day to dive deep, to connect to each other, to create our world inside and outside of us, and to celebrate this wild life ride that we’re on.

From thought provoking speakers, to wild cacao fuelled dancing, to a feast that tantalises the taste buds and music to expand your heart and mind from world class transmitters, this is a space to fully let go and be reconnected to the magic inside of you.

On the eve of the Autumn Equinox, this is our time to be filled with aliveness as we make this a Sunday to step up and into our dreams, with the power of connection, creation and celebration.

The event Colours of Love ‘City Series’ London  will be held at Hoxton Docks Sunday 22 September 2019.

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