Cluster Illustration Fair at Ugly Duck

By on April 25, 2019

Artists from all around the world will be coming to celebrate creativity, community and another chapter of Cluster Illustration Fair commences. This is an opportunity to discover the best artists from around the world, different backgrounds, different stages of their career and diverse range of styles.

We will accomodate more than 40 artists under the same roof, presented in an exceptional venue via breaking the barriers of the conventional art fair set up.

Cluster is more than an exhibition or an art fair. We are aiming to create a global community of artists and industry professionals where we will initiate collaborations, conversations, encourage projects and most importantly we will give as much as support we can to all artists out there.

We are different because we have a grand vision which will cover different activities and arts disciplines, we have a personal approach towards every single person that participates, we are willing to listen and reinvent ourselves alongside the participants.

Cluster Illustration Fair at Ugly Duck will be held between Wednesday 1st of May to Sunday 5th of May 2019.

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