Chronic Stress – Is it the New Smoking

By on March 4, 2019

Chronic Unmanageble Stress is killing us! That’s for sure, slowly and painfully. As a Medical Doctor of 18 years, I can say pretty confidently that Chronic Stress is one of the biggest reasons we are falling sick and staying sick, and worse of all it’s really affecting our children and youth!

Thirty years ago, we may have known 2-3 people with allergies, ADHD, cancer, dementia, diabetes, depression, heart disease, skin conditions e.t.c – how many do you know now? Well exactly. And part of the reason these diseases are on the rise is stress.

Not all stress is bad, we want a little bit of it, but it has become way off balance and affecting too many people, and often at a very young age too. Want to learn more?

We have two amazing confirmed speakers for the day. I will also be floating around giving nuggets of wisdom on; how to recognise if you’re stressed especially if you don’t feel it as well as the medical impact of stress.

So thats THREE health care professionals with a combined experience of over 80 years!

Komal George, a traditionally trained pharmacist with a lifelong love and respect for Ayurveda. She combines these skills and works as an Ayurvedic Pharmacist and is creator of Amala Pure Health, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Brand. She will take some time from her supremely busy schedule to speak to us about ‘Stress and Food’. How stress impacts our eating as well as our nutrition. Using a mindful approach to food and helping us with some Ayurvedic tricks of the trade.

Dr Robin Fawcett, is a GP with a special interest in Integrative Medicine and she has been deemed a Wellness Advocate. Trained in the USA, she now works as an NHS GP and she is on the Medical Advisory Board for doTERRA essential oils.

She will be demonstrating how you can use essential oils to help manage almost any health issue. Robin is a renowned international speaker, having delivered a TEDx talk too, so I am honoured she is making time for us.

Come along to a fun afternoon in Central London for exactly that, this will be an intimate event in a lovely venue with scrumptious super healthy food. There will be a chance to mingle, socialise, dance, DJ, network, flirt and of course learn loads.

Chronic Stress – Is it the New Smoking event will be held at Caravan Restaurant on Sunday 10th March 2019.

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