Chris Hill’s Get Your Life Back Weekend 2019 will be held at Holiday Inn London Blomsbury

By on March 11, 2019

You want change in your life. You feel there’s so much more you could be doing. You feel there’s so much more freedom and happiness out there for you to experience. But there are obstacles in your way. You want to change, you want to live better, be healthier, achieve more …but how do you do it?

If you are addicted to substance such as nicotine, alcohol, drugs – I will show you how to re-train your mind, to simply no longer want or need that substance again. And to live happily and confidently alongside others who might still be drinking, smoking or taking drugs. You can carry on with life as if you never had the addiction in the first place.

If want better control of your eating and you’d like to lose weight and develop a healthy relationship with food – my system has helped hundreds of people bring their sugar consumption under control, eat healthier, and lose significant amounts of weight and keep it off!

If there’s an activity that has turned from being fun to damaging your life, relationships, work and money; such as gambling, over-spending, sex addiction … I can show you how to stop the addiction or in cases of activities you still want to enjoy on a healthy level – my system means you can decide what is right for you, then use the tools I will give you to create the change you need.

If anxiety & stress has got the better of you on too many occasions where you could have had a normal day, a normal experience, normal set-back. If you’ve allowed anxiety to overwhelm you and snatch that moment right out of your hands – my beat anxiety model will show you how to take back control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and clearly identify what actions you can change to improve the situation.

In one weekend – Chris Hill can give you back control of your life – he can put you back in the driving seat!

Real people achieving real results
Don’t just take my word for it – here are some incredible reviews and testimonials from people who have attended my seminars, especially the weekend events, or the weekend retreats, or my workshops and those who’ve experienced one-to-one mentoring. Find out how they have completely transformed their lives.

If they managed it – so can you!

How do WE do it?
Notice I said WE … because I deliver the learning and you are then EMPOWERED to change your own life!

Any repeated activity ’embeds’ itself over time into your brain. Anything that gives you great pleasure, ticks a box in your mind and has the potential to become addictive to a point where the pleasure can turn to pain.

Any thought that you have and that you keep repeating to yourself, including fear, anxiety, procrastination – whatever it is … embeds itself in your mind and ‘becomes’ your NORMAL.

Everything you do and think repeatedly gets ‘trapped’ within your comfort zone. Even the things you don’t want in your life …

But I can show you how to simply and effectively ‘untick’ that box, embed a new normal in your mind. I can show you how to stop craving the substances and activities you feel you can’t live without. We will TURN OFF the want and need inside you. There’s no willpower involved. We simply ‘re-educate’ your mind to what you want in your life from this point on.

Let me show you how YOU can change YOUR life. And only keep in it the things that serve you well and make you happy.

This is a two day event.
We have put together for you an incredible programme of learning and support throughout the weekend. Exercises that will truly embed the learning and every person attending gets one of my workbooks which is yours to keep and refer to in future.

On Saturday, I deliver all the learning:

  • – How addiction works within your mind and body
  • – How sugar and food addiction drives a false appetite and how to have a better relationship with food
  • – How to beat anxiety and stress – head it off and change course
  • – How to step outside of your comfort zone and create the life you want to live.

Sunday is ‘change day’:

  • Having worked out what you most want to change / work on in your life, we now do the practical exercises needed to make change happen.

Chris Hill’s Get Your Life Back Weekend 2019 will be held at Holiday Inn London Blomsbury, the event starts on Saturday 16th of March 2019.

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