Cannes Film Festival Survival Guide at Raindance Film Training Centre

By on January 31, 2019

Headed for the Cannes Film Festival?

With temperatures still only just above arctic levels and most public places echoing with noises properly heard only in the hospital waiting rooms, the Cannes Film Festival may seem a long way off.

But now is the time to prepare.

A good Cannes, like a good film, requires effective pre-production and focused production. Registration starts in February – so get in quick with all the knowledge you will need. Get all the details you’ll need at the Cannes Survival Guide.

This unique evening takes you through a valuable guide on how to present yourself and your projects. We will also give you a copy of our “little black book” filled with the 100 best contacts in Cannes.

Topics covered on the night will include:

  • Presenting your package
  • How to set up meetings
  • What financiers look at
  • Meeting sales agents
  • Attending screenings
  • Getting party invites.

Who should attend the Cannes Survival Guide?
Anyone contemplating a trip to the Cannes Film Festival

Please note:
This class is scheduled approximately 3 weeks before the accreditation process to Cannes is closed.
This should allow you enough time to apply for and receive your accreditation, and book your accommodation and travel before the cheap fares run out.

Cannes Film Festival Survival Guide at Raindance Film Training Centre will be held Monday 4th February 2019.

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